Please note that these prices are indicative. Every project is its own little universe, and the trick is to try to adapt as much as possible to the specific needs of every artist. Therefore prices are flexible as well.

Production consulting: these services start from 450 eur/day, which is 6 complete working hours.

Mixing services: 150 eur per track
This includes analog mixdown, delivery of a 24 bit master wav file and one revision.

Additional services are: rendering of stem groups, replacement of sounds, additional recording. Please ask for a price quote beforehand. Autotuning of vocals or other sounds is not part of the services offered.

Each project starts with a critical listening session which is part of the paid service. This is typically 25% of the agreed fee. After agreement on the premaster mixdown the premaster file is sent over upon reception of the outstanding part of the service.

Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch in case of questions or comments. If you are into gear then have a look at the studio’s equipment list.

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