In order to get the best out of a mixing session please observe the following issues.

File format: consolidated WAV or AIFF files all starting at the same position and with the same length. In other words, all files should have equal duration.

Resolution: 32 bit files if rendered internally in the DAW, otherwise 24 bit files. Please do not use 16 bit files.
Sampling frequency should be 44.1. khz at least.

The maximum track count is 25 tracks. If you do choose to render more stems than this it will greatly increase the complexity of the mixing session. Should you choose to go this route then please ask for a detailed price quote based on the number of stems delivered.

Please render the effects as a separate file. E.g. all delay lines bounced to one file, all reverb lines bounced to one file, etc…
In other words: do not render a sound and its effects into one stem. This greatly reduces creative mixing options.

File naming: apply correct and clear file naming, e.g. “Synth Lead 1”, “Synth Lead 1 Delay”, “Kick Drum”, etc… Please do not use files names such as “Audio Track 1” as this will increase the setup time of the mixing session. This, in turn, will affect the price of the session.

Please do not normalise the audio files.

If possible provide a rough reference mix without any buss compression, eq’ing or limited / maximizing, so I have a basic idea of what you are after. Render this as a WAV or AIFF file, do not use MP3. Ensure that when the stems are loaded into the DAW they should correspond to the rough mix.

Please provide information regarding the song tempo and any other information you feel is necessary or vital. Reference tracks are always welcome, they help to get an overall idea of the sound you are aiming for. In short, the more background information the better.

File transfer: via Wetransfer, Dropbox, FTP, or equivalent services.

Please make sure all necessary information is communicated: artist, release title, catalog number, contact person.

After receiving the files a critical listening session will be held. The first aim of this session is to verify the quality of the material. It also helps in defining problem areas which would need to be re-recorded or rendered. A critical listening session is part of the paid service. Please see the price list to get and idea of remuneration.

In case of questions or comments do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact form.

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