Mixdown and summing:
APB Dynasonics Prodesk 4 24 channel analog mixer

Speakers & room optimization:
Focal Twin6 Be three-way monitors
KRK 12 subwoofer x2
Trinnov Audio ST-2 Pro in 4-channel mode

Elysia XFilter Class A Stereo Eq
IGS RB 500 Mastering Edition Pulteq-style Stereo Eq

Tube Tech SMC 2B Multiband Tube Compressor
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8 X Compressor x2
Tegeler Audio Vari Tube Compressor
Elysia Xpressor 500 Class A-mode Stereo Compressor
FMR RNLA Levelling Amplifier
FMR 1773 RNC Compressor

Outboard effects:
Mutronics Mutator Stereo Filter
Ensoniq DP 4
Eventide H9
Prophecy Sound Pi-Phase MKk2 Dual Phase Shifter
Boss SE70 Multifeffects

Software effects:
Universal Audio UAD Powered Plugins used regularly: Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, Pulteq Passive Eq Collection, UA 610 Tube Preamp and Eq, AMS RMX 16 Expanded Digital Reverb, EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverberator, Studio D Chorus, Cooper Time Cube MK2 Delay, MXR Flanger/Doubler

Soundtoys 5 Collection
Eventide Ultrachannel
Eventide Ultrareverb
Elysia Museq Eq
Elysia Alpha Compressor
Brainworx BX_Digital 2
Waves API Collection
Izotope Neutron
Slate FG-X Mastering Processor

AD /DA Conversion:
Lynx Aurora 16
Lynx Studio AES-16e

DAWs and audio editing:
Avid Protools 12
Apple Logic Pro X
Bitwig 2.3
Ableton Live 9
Harrison Mixbus 2
Izotope RX
Sound Forge Pro

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