Peter Van Hoesen is available as producer and / or mixing engineer for recording projects. These services can be provided working from his state-of-the-art sound studio in Berlin or on location.

“For me producing for other artists means working within the ‘classic’ definition of a producer: someone who helps to bring out the essence of what an artist or a band is trying to achieve. It is not so much a technical as a creative process, tapping into possibilities and potential, helping to bring the core of the creation to the forefront. The second aspect of what I offer is more technical, i.e. taking care of the mixdowns and delivering the best pre-master possible.”

Technical specifications and guidelines for mixing assignments can be found here. An overview of studio equipment is listed here. Peter has also written a few words about the producer’s role in the creative process.

There exists an indicative price list. Please use the contact form for production and mixing enquiries. This is also the go to channel for any remix requests.

Studio equipment – Mixdown specifications – Price list