Uncovered 2008-2018

Uncovered 2008-2018 Vol 1-3 is a three-part, 52 track compilation documenting Peter Van Hoesen’s contemporary electronic sound over ten years of the beloved Time To Express imprint. Consisting of Peter’s unreleased tracks, rediscovered sketches and material from his live shows, Uncovered offers a coherent overview of his creative process during this period, deconstructing his inimitable aesthetic across three distinct volumes.

Of the three volumes, each one chronicles a different aspect of his sound. Volume 2 shows 19 tracks on display, varying from slow, bass-heavy sludgers to more melodic electronica. Fans will recognize the producer’s early interest in slow bpm techno, often with a distinct dub flavour. Other tracks apply a more playful approach, showcasing Van Hoesen’s skill in applying distinct melodies to a darker framework.

Few of Van Hoesen’s peers can match his grasp of sound design, physicality and rhythm, which makes his music fascinating, whether you’re a DJ or an obsessive home listener. Uncovered 2008-2018 suggests he’s one of the genre’s most quietly brilliant producers.” – Resident Advisor


Released November 18, 2019
Composed, mixed and mastered by Peter Van Hoesen.