Perceiver is Peter Van Hoesen’s second techno album and was released in September 2012 on Time To Express. It features 11 tracks, ranging from experimental productions such as ‘Objects From The Past’ and fragmented structures (‘Europe / Unlit Bonfire’) to full-blown bass-heavy techno (‘Decoder’). Reviews were unanimous in their praise of Perceiver.

With Perceiver, Peter Van Hoesen continues his journey as arch frequency manipulator apace. A convincing, multi-layered set, that further cements Time To Express as the go-to imprint for out-of-body techno expansionism.”

Es fühlt sich einfach alles richtig an. Eine Gewissheit, mit der es sich gleich schneller laufen lässt. Und so wunderschön kompromisslos wie die gerade Bassdrum nun zum Vorschein kommt, so spielerisch schafft es Van Hoesen auch, eben diese wieder aufzubrechen und unter einer wabernden Melodiedecke verschwinden zu lassen.” -Groove

The beauty is in the marriage between hugely oversized sounds, swathes of echo and delay, and the more delicate touches that draw you in closer then lock you in place.” -Resident Advisor

… apprezziamo già il fatto che l’artista abbia sempre voluto portare nei suoi album una visione della techno olistica, allargata, anche coraggiosa. ” –

Perceiver’ covers a lot of ground and the total time reflects this with the longest track, ‘Attribute 39’ coming in at around 7minutes but there is never a dull moment on this album.” -Strangerpassing

La oscuridad en forma de groove nos mueve por atmósferas adornado con charles poderosos para la pistas mas suaves que porta una gran contudencia, contundencia llegada de manos de la potente línea de bajo que protagoniza cada track. Unos exquisitos, y medidos, toques percusivos, una ligera línea lisérgica y unos simpáticos strings, nos dan como resultado un corte pistero en la línea musical de Peter Van Hoesen.” – Medellinnstyle

For more info and download options please visit the Perceiver Bandcamp page or check the player below.

Written and produced by Peter Van Hoesen.
Mastered by Matt Colton at Air Studios, London.
Album cover illustration by Peter Van Hoesen.
Layout by Yko.