Konduit is a sound collection crafted from analog and modular synths layered with processed electric guitars and bass. It was composed by Peter van Hoesen in collaboration with German company Orchestral Tools.

Konduit is inspired by the sound of electricity. The production and recording happened over a period of nearly three months. The main focus was on the synthesis part, using analog and digital methods to arrive at 40 patches. Each patch covers different sound aesthetics, from distorted to harmonic. A specific hardware processing rig patched for this project was used for recording the sounds. The synthesized sounds were recorded through a collection of pre-amps, tube compressors and equalizers to add additional harmonics and character to the sounds.

Konduit was created in close cooperation with Cornelius Dürst from Orchestral Tools. Cornelius created the second layer of Konduit, using processed guitars and bass. Each patch allows for the seamless transition and combination of both layers and can be played chromatically.

Konduit is available via https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/collections/konduit