A Swing Is Not A Throw

“A Swing Is Not A Throw is the indirect result of my decision in 2022 to fully focus on performing live shows. This change prompted me to create hours of new material. This material consists in the form of building blocks or musical modules which can be combined in a many different ways. The process of assembly takes place in real-time during the live performance.

Every live show is recorded and analysed afterwards. I take notes on which combinations worked best, which transitions to elaborate upon, how to make the whole sound better for the next show. After six months of performing live I decided to shape some of these musical building blocks into complete tracks. I felt it was time for a new EP, two years after Echoes From Westbrook Bay. Hence A Swing Is Not A Throw.” – Peter Van Hoesen, Brussels, February 2023

Released March 20, 2023

Composed and mixed by Peter Van Hoesen. Mastered by Gio Conti at Artefacts Mastering.